• Activgra is a rational blend of Withanolides from Ashwagandha and Polyphenols from Amla, given in dosage forms for an array of physiological functions and nutritive effects.

    Activgra contains established adaptogenic phytonutrients from Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha; Withania somnifera) and Indian Gooseberry (Amla;Emblica Officinalis) that may help you to adapt mentally and physically to stressful events and can lead a relaxed lifestyle. Indian Ginseng has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a variety of diseases. Withanolides contained in it act as anti-anxiety component. Although primarily known as an aphrodisiac, it is an indigenous remedy against arthritis, asthma, cold, diarrhoea, fever, hiccups, hypertension, heart problems,inflammation, cancer, lumbago, etc.. Amla is valued for its mineral and vitamin content.It is also a good natural source of Vitamin C and antioxidant polyphenols. Ayurvedic formulations contain Amla as a rejuvenator and immunity enhancer.

  • St John's-wort (Hypericumperforatum) : Some studies have supported the efficacy of St John's wort as a treatment for depression in humans, it is as effective as standard antidepressant pharmaceuticals for treating depression.



    Ashwagandha is an extract obtained from roots. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has been used in the Indian tradition of Ayurveda to support musculoskeletal function and as a tonic to promote overall health. “Experimental studies demonstrate that Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that supports resistance to physical, biological, and chemical stresses and supports endurance, muscle recovery and cognitive health”.

    The main active ingredients present in Ashwagra extract are Withanolides, Alkaloids, and Saponins, which have antitumor, antistress, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressive and rejuvenating properties. Ashwagra is perhaps best known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. “Cortisol is known as a stress hormone, the adrenal glands release it in response to stress. High cortisol brings down levels of other hormones and mood-lifting neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine and may also slow down metabolism. Ashwagra may help reduce cortisol levels by regulating chemicalsignaling in the nervous system”.